About Me

I am a historian, writer, editor, and university instructor. I am also associate editor of Alberta History journal and author of the Writing History newsletter at writinghistory.substack.com, where I write about history, politics, and current affairs.

Work with Me

I have 9 years’ experience writing and editing academic works and educational materials, conducting historical research and analysis, and organizing large public lectures and academic conferences. Send me an email if you’d like to work together.

Academic Writing and Editing

  • Grant and fellowship applications
  • Journal articles, theses and dissertations
  • Literature reviews and essays
  • Teaching and learning materials

Historical Consulting

  • Conducting historical research
  • Writing research reports, historical summaries, and exhibitions
  • Working with archival material

Writing and Editing

  • Posters, brochures, and promotional material
  • Communications, websites, and newsletters
  • Grant applications and fundraising letters

My Bio

I am a historian and writer based in Calgary, Alberta. I have a PhD in History from the University of Calgary.

My history journey has led me northwest to the Klondike gold rush and the Alaska boundary dispute. I have written extensively on the role of North-West Mounted Police and the U.S. Army in the Klondike and the development of the Alaska-Yukon border.

I have studied Canadian and American history, taught Canadian history courses at the university level, and founded an annual graduate student history conference. I am also particularly interested in indigenous history. I have been an organizer of the Annual Chiniki Lecture in First Nations History, taught indigenous history, and conducted research in indigenous communities.  

As a political junkie, I am also intrigued by the intersection of politics and history and the ways that politicians construct political narratives and try to convince constituents, voters, and the public to support them.

I am fascinated by the ways that people move through landscapes and transform environments, the ways they construct narratives about how they experience the world, and try to improve their lives, those of their families, and their nation or region.

I also write about cycling, hiking, and other interests.

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